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“Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for Everyone”

In this program we explore how sexual harassment is a problem that can have disastrous effects on victims, perpetrators, and organizations, including the federal government. Training employees in the essentials of prohibited conduct is an important part of reducing liability and maintaining a professional work environment. This course helps participants to identify the types of sexual harassment, the elements of prohibited conduct in the workplace, the rights of the employees, and the responsibilities of the employer. It also addresses the issue of what to do should sexual harassment occur.

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Topics included:

  • Understanding the legal definition of sexual harassment
  • Identifying subtle sexual harassment
  • Understanding why sometimes it is difficult for the recipient of sexual harassment to complain
  • Learning different methods to personally stop subtle sexual harassment
  • Understanding your organization’s policies on sexual harassment
  • Understanding your organization’s reporting procedure
  • Empowering you to report sexual harassment when you, or someone you know, is a victim
  • What is appropriate touching?
  • Are compliments ever appropriate?
  • How sexual harassment can be done via e-mails
  • How much joking around is acceptable?
  • Real life scenarios and interactive exercises that explore sexual harassment
  • Best practices to create a great work environment

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“Preventing Sexual Harassment
in the Workplace for Everyone”

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