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Business Dining Etiquette:
Where Business and Social Skills Meet

by Mercedes Alfaro

Business Dining Etiquette: Where Business and Social Skills Meet

Did you know that more than 50% of all business is finalized at the dining table? In our rapidly growing economy, doing business over a meal is an essential part of doing business. It's in this type of setting that our table manners show off our level of polish, sophistication, and education. Business dining is a chance for you to have face-to-face interactions with other business entities and clients and build rapport and the all-important relationship. Your lack of professionalism at the dining table will reflect poorly on your company's reputation as well as your own reputation. The impression you create in this environment will create more business, close the deal, or break the deal.

Critical mistakes in business dining like discussing business matters at an inappropriate time, holding flatware improperly and inappropriate dinner banter will leave a bad taste in the mouth of your client or prospect. Also, if your table manners say, "Barbarian," people will wonder what other part of your education is lacking. We may not like it, but people do judge us by our table manners. This book helps you to overcome those obstacles to ensure you only make a great impression in any dining experience.

For those international travelers we included the dining etiquette rules from around the world, including proper salutations to help you put your best foot forward.

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Where Business and Social Skills Meet

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